About Us

  offers various financial services ranging from home loans to land development loans. We also offer vehicle, equipment and business working capital finance. We are not linked to a specific lender; therefore, we continuously seek out the best funding solutions for you.

Case Studies

First Home Purchase – Funded January 2019  , Logic Finance

Recently we were referred a couple by a real estate agent. They approached their bank to purchase their first home having saved deposit of 20%. Their existing bank said no, as one of the applicants did not have a bank account in his name and did not deposit IRD declared wages into the bank account in consistent manner. We worked with the couple and got the deal done within a week by one of the main banks. Happy client. Remember when your bank say no, we say yes!

Business Funding – Funded January 2019 , Logic Finance

A young couple wanted to purchase an existing nail and beauty business, but the business financials were that strong. Client approached their existing brokers, the broker said no, client directly approached their bank, their banks said no. They approached us and we got their funding sorted within a week. They managed to raise cash of their freehold vehicle and smartly arranged unsecured loan and funded them 100% for purchase of business.

Client is generating good income and we are planning to get the borrowing consolidated into their home loan within 6 months. We work with real people and make real changes to the lives of real people.